Amir Ramzi - Reception - Taman Keramat
Zarina - Nikah & Reception - Ulu Yam Baru
Azlan & Munirah - Nikah & Reception - Seremban
Hani Suryati - Nikah & Reception - Subang Jaya
Shila & Firdaus - Engagement - Olak Lempit, Selangor
Akmal & Norafidah - Nikah & Reception - Banting
Gallery - Tropical Lifestyles - Kuala Lumpur

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July 26, 2010
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:: 2010 ::

Yus & Liyana - Nikah - Selangor
Event - Nature Recycles - Kuala Lumpur
1st Solution - Go Kart - Selangor
Amir & Aydera - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Forum - Neighbourhoods Spirit - Selangor
Faridh Omar - Potret - Selangor
Irfan & Evana - Reception - Selangor
Irfan & Evana - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
ILSAS - Convocation - Selangor
Hairy & Hartini - Sanding - KL
Azizul & Ehsan - Nikah/Sanding - Selangor
Shahir & Dayana - Nikah/Reception - KL
Hairy & Hartini - Nikah/Sanding - Kelantan
Firdaus & Dian - Engagement - KL
Hairy & Hartini - Pre Wedding - Putrajaya
Safuan & Shima - Sanding - Selangor
Safuan & Shima - Nikah/Reception - KL
Eja & Yazid - Engagement - Selangor
Din & Aziah - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Hasril & Wani - Reception - Kedah

:: 2009 ::

Hasril & Wani - Nikah/Reception - Banting
Hidhir & Emma - Outdoor - Banting
Khairil & Ida - Nikah/Reception - Kedah
Hidhir & Emma - Nikah/Reception - Perak
Faris & Shakira - Reception - Selangor
Safuan & Syima - Pre Wedding - Putrajaya
Faris & Shakira - Reception - Kuala Pilah
Faris & Shakira - Nikah - Salak Selatan
Yus & Norliyana - Engagement - Banting
Hafiz & Azlina - Nikah - Seremban
Afats' Reunion - Intekma Hotel, Shah Alam
Rizal & Liza - Reception - Taman Keramat
Hanisah & Azmil - Reception - Hulu Langat
Azli & Fauzirah - Reception - Selangor
Ayeesha Zahra - Cukur Jambul - Selangor
Fiza & Sadik - Reception - Selangor
Aidah & Farid - Reception - Selangor
Wani & Hasril - Engagement - Selangor
Shahzan & Shidah - 3rd Anniversary - KL
Azlisham & Azanin - Outdoor - Putrajaya
Azlisham & Azanin - Reception - KL
Khairil & Natrah - Reception - KL
Fariha & Azrol - Engagement - KL

:: 2008 ::

Fira & Kamarul - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Fira & Kamarul - Outdoor- Selangor
Mira & Bai - Reception - Perak
Ikhwan & Fizah - Outdoor - Selangor
Bai & Mira - Nikah/Reception - Terengganu
Fizah & Ikhwan - Nikah/Reception - Kelantan
Samsiah & Irwan - Nikah/Reception - Perak
Farhana & Syaizwan - Nikah - Selangor
Adam Harris - B'day Party - KL
Mazalan & Emma - Open House - Selangor
Hazril & Hanim - Post Wedding - Selangor
Halilah & Salman - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Hidayah & Faiz - Engagement - Selangor
Ina & Hafiz - Nikah/Reception - Perak
Bieha & Azri - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Hanim & Hazril - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Hayati & Sharizal - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Fazdlin & Amin - Nikah/Reception - KL
Sue & Halim - Engagement - Selangor
Sham & Shida - Bertandang - Negeri Sembilan
Shida & Sham - Nikah - Negeri Sembilan
Hafiz & Zila - Reception - Selangor
Wafiey & Naufal - Cukur Jambul - Selangor
Zila & Hafiz - Nikah/Reception - KL
Azral & Aziana - Reception - Putrajaya
Fara & Zulfikri - Nikah/Reception - KL
Norhayati & Sharizal - Engagement - Selangor
Kamilah & Khairil - Nikah/Reception - KL
Adam Iman - Birthday Party - KL
Nishrin & Zulfaezal - Nikah - Selangor
Akma & Emmi - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Nadia & Kafiruddin - Engagement - Selangor

:: 2007 ::

Hisham & Zura - Reception - KL
Zura & Hisham - Reception - Kuala Lumpur
Zura & Hisham - Nikah/Outdoor - Selangor
Sabrinah & Joe - Reception - Selangor
Sabrinah & Joe - Nikah - Selangor
Nurul & Hakimi - Reception - Selangor
Adam Harris - B'day Party - KL
Katch & Sam - Reception - Kuala Lumpur
Katch & Sam - Nikah - KL
Irwan & Sa'adiah - Reception - Singapore
Sa'adiah & Irwan - Reception - Singapore
Sa'adiah & Irwan - Marhaban - Singapore
Leaa & Fizan - Nikah - Selangor
Farid & Yusma - Reception - Kuala Lumpur
Jemy & Linda - Reception - KL
Linda & Jemy - Nikah/Reception - Kuala Lumpur
Syahida & Danial - Reception - KL
Aidi Azli & Zafrena - Reception - Selangor
Syahida & Danial - Nikah - KL
Zafrena & Aidi Azli - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Shuhana & Shahrul - Nikah - KL
Shasmeen Maisara - Cukur Jambul - Selangor
Intan Maszlin - Engagement - Perak
Sadzwarie & Hanun - Reception - Selangor
Hanun & Sadzwarie - Nikah - Pahang
Juanita & Rizal - Make Over/Reception - KL
Juanita & Rizal - Outdoor - KL
Ashraf & Ina - Engagement - Selangor
Adrin & Irda - Reception - KL
Adrin & Irda - Nikah - KL

:: 2006 ::

Izad & Siti Hawa - Reception - KL
Azizul & Erhan - Reception - KL
Azizul & Erhan - Nikah/Reception - KL
Faiza & Mazlan - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
'Princess' Nadia - Nikah - Selangor
Najmi & Farhana - Reception - Selangor
Rina & Amir - Nikah/Reception - Selangor
Zali & Juliana - Reception - KL
A'ala & Ju - Reception - Selangor
Fiza & Zul - Nikah/Reception - KL
Shahzan & Shidah - Nikah - Singapore
Ijo & Rin - Reception - Kelantan

:: 2005 ::

Zali & Juliana - Engagement - KL
Azlisham & Azanin - Thanks you so much for your wonderful work and professionalism! Me and my wife would like to send our deepest appreciation for giving us the chance to enjoy our wedding day now, looking back at the pictures. The real day flew by us and your work is the only thing we could reflect back on. I didn't get very good pictures out of the other cameras around and I must say I was depending shots taken by you. What can I say, you never let me down, you all did a real good job. I must say I am truly happy you were part of our special day. Bob, perhaps you should drop your day job. I will certainly highly recommend you to my friends!!!
Khairil & Natrah - We are very satisfied and happy with the pictures and album made by LoveCapture.We hope those who are looking for wedding or any other events photographer would consider LoveCapture because they are the best choice! All the best to LoveCapture!!
Lydia & family - Thanks for the photos. They are really good and we are really happy with it! You are also very cooperative and patient. We will contact you up for any events to be held in the future!!!
Salman & Halilah - At last, the work is done. I’ve been waiting for this quite long time but its worth to wait. Seriously, the pictures are so amazing! Superb! I'm very satisfied when looked at this album. Well, we’ll see who’s the bride, hahaha. Those pictures are marvelous and you know what, I already promoted it to all my friends whenever they came to my house last raya. Who knows, they’ll be interested. Anyway, thank you so much.
Sham & Shidah - Honestly, my wife and I really satisfied with the final product. Thank you for the lovely gift. My colleagues amazed with the beautiful pictures during the ceremony especially after ‘akad nikah’ session at the ‘pelamin’. Exclusive! They also love the custom album. Overall, we were very satisfied with the service and the albums. Insya-Allah, we can recommend you to our friends who’ll going to get married too. Thank you.
Kamilah & Khairil - As from the basic package I’ve took and the end product that I’ve received, it’s really worth it! All photos are lovely and beautiful, variety from a lot of interesting angle. I will surely come back to you in future projects and will highly recommend you to my friends!
Sam & family - When the first time I opened the photos CD, my wife immediately ask me to thanks you a lot on the quality and splendid moment captured through your lens. My wife really surprise by the way you persuade and manage all the kids while shooting, especially the photos of our little price who are formerly known as a ‘camera shy’ person. We love the outcome very much as the whole events was nicely captured (with a good price offer too!). Indeed, we would highly recommend you for this kinda job to our friends, relatives and others. Well done and Good Luck Bro!
Irwan & Sa'adiah - Thank you for accepting this job. Even though the distance was far, you have to cross hundred miles just to get here to capture our wedding. We really appreciate it! Your pictures, no other words to say but they are all beautiful!! You have done excellent job in capturing different expressions and emotions, from happy and cheerful features to the dramatic 'Niagara falls' moments. They are all wonderful! we're indeed a pair of happy and satisfied customers. With the professionalism that you've shown really appropriate even more with the price that you charge. We hope you have had a good time here in Singapore, had a good stay, had a good meal of Nasi Briyani Singapore style, had a good journey home, and best of all had fun and enjoyed the whole wedding experience! Thanks again! Thumbs up!
Fizan & Leaa - You gave my humble akad nikah a hint of glamour. It's nice to share beautiful pictures with family and friends, and they were delivered very soon after the ceremony; when the ambience of newlywed vows was still warm at home. Certainly, you delivered a very affordable package of five star service that accompanies such respectable workmanship; your composition captures the essence of your subjects and it exhibits your empathy towards your surrounding as a photographer. So Mr. Photographer, you have my recommendations!
Farid & Yusma - There is no word to describe how thankful we were for the excellent photography job done by you during our reception on 07.07.07. My husband and I really appreciate your full commitment and professional attitude through out the day. Everything goes well, from the nice weather, the lovely guests, friends and also our photography session. We really love your creativity, ideas and photography styles. We hope you enjoy your working time with us. To any other friends out there who's still looking for professional wedding photographer, he is highly recommended! Thank you very much for all your cooperation. You made our day special, with unforgettable and memorable lovely moments captured.
Danial & Syahida - We had an amazing wedding ceremony's photography session as expected. The photos are outstanding and we would like to thank zamdeeFotogurafi for the great job. The photo shot are awesome inclusively with a great complimentary package at a reasonable price. We are grateful with the gorgeous photo album given and becoming favourite to our friends and relatives. Hence, we would like again to say thank you to zamdeeFotogurafi for an astonishing effort and professional photo look. Lastly, we would like to reward zamdeeFotogurafi with 41/2 out of 5 stars and it is highly recommended. All the best to you and good luck!
Sadzwarie & Hanum - I'm very satisfied with your work and the pictures you gave me. You're easy to work with and your work fulfills my requirement. The pictures are professional-like and they received compliments from all. You've got eyes for creative angles. Thank you so much azam for the beautiful pictures of me. You're part of the people that celebrates me, and you've captured the sweet moments in my life.
Rizal & Ita - The pictures you gave me are perfect! They're highly complimented by all my friends, even by another wedding photographer! They're superb, man! He-he! They're like WOW! I really, really am satisfied!
Package can also be arranged or adjusted based on your requirement and it will be charged with reasonable price.
Special price for wedding or event on weekdays.
Travel and accommodation fees will be charged for event or wedding outside Klang Valley.
Special discount if you book more than one package.
Additional photographer will be charged differently.
Minimum of 50% must be paid 1 MONTH BEFORE the date of wedding day and is NON refundable.